Literacy Job Profiles

Literacy Job Profiles

Literacy on the Job profiles describe the main literacy and numeracy tasks in various jobs and explain how frequently they are used. Literacy Profiles provide in-depth descriptions of the literacy in job tasks and the literacy skills needed to complete those tasks.

Primary Industries

Coal Miner

Quarry Operator

Quarry Manager B Grade

Services Industries

Truck Driver

Retail Salesperson

Tyre Technician

Warehouse Worker

Ramp Operator

Pharmacy Technician

Pharmacy Assistant

Infrastructure Worker Operator

Catering Assistant

Collision Repair


Glass Processor

Electrical Appliance Service Trainee

Site Security Officer

Sports Turf Manager


Automotive Refinisher

Automotive Light Vehicle Tech

Automotive Heavy Engineer

Automotive Electrician

Social & Community Services

Youth Worker

Manufacturing & Technology

Textile Operator Yard Production

Metal Fabricator Welder

Line Mechanic Trainee

Construction & Infrastructure

Concrete Industry Worker

Carpenter – profile

Roofing Trainee


Flooring Installer


Creative Industries


Beauty Therapist

Apprentice chef – on the job