Upskilling leads to savings of $60,000 a year at Toll

A comprehensive suite of training programmes has lifted capability, communication, and even cost efficiencies at transport and logistics company Toll.

Trucks parked at the Toll warehouse.

Since 2019, Toll has been upskilling staff through learning and development specialists Aspire2 Business | Workplace Communication. The customised training programmes, supported by the Tertiary Education Commission’s Workplace Literacy and Numeracy fund, focus on raising the communication, health and safety, and leadership capabilities of Toll’s teams, covering topics such as teamwork, personality traits, and assertiveness.

These programmes are designed in close consultation with Toll’s managers and supervisors, to ensure the specific needs of their people – and the organisation – are met.

A high-risk environment

Transport and logistics are high-risk industries, and Toll is “safety obsessed” in everything they do. Health and safety always need to be top of mind, and effective communication is key to embedding this culture in the workplace.

As part of their ongoing commitment to creating an incident- and injury-free workplace, Toll and Aspire2 Business | Workplace Communication worked together to develop personalised training that targets their specific areas of risk and concern.

Benefits that extend beyond the workplace

Staff at Toll now have greater awareness and knowledge of health and safety hazards, and thanks to their improved communications skills, also have the confidence to voice any concerns.

“I have learnt to identify physical, cultural, and environmental barriers at work and discuss how to overcome these barriers with management and team leaders,” one participant said.

Thanks to the training, staff have also been able to identify opportunities to advance their careers within Toll, which will ultimately aid in staff retention.

Crucially, the training has also had a powerful impact in the employees’ personal lives as well. Not only have the participants’ newfound skills and confidence boosted their performance in the workplace, but they have also reported the training’s immense contribution at home, with their families, and in their communities. One employee, for instance, said he had never had a proper conversation with his son before the training, and had noticed a real difference.

On top of all this, Toll has also reported cost savings as a result of the training, with the company estimating they are now saving $60,000 a year.

Toll New Zealand’s Executive General Manager, Jon Adams, was “blown away” when he saw the transformation of his staff.

“The programme is excellent and focuses on helping our team members learn communication skills, continuous improvement, and problem-solving skills, all underpinned by our Toll values,” he said.

“It’s very humbling to support some of the most important people in our business in growing their confidence and developing skills outside their natural comfort zone. I look forward to seeing them flourish.”